Support from Humanitad and Natural World Organization (NWO) in Anand Krishna’s case


Statement Made by Sacha Stone
Founder: Humanitad
Director General: Natural World Organization
Executive Producer: The Millenium Development Goals Awards, which Launched at the UN General Assembly Hall

I make the following statement on behalf of Humanitad Foundation, who in turn represents the international community and all free peoples of the Earth.

Our dearest brother Anand Krishna has devoted his life to the service of humanity, doing more to promote interfaith harmony, peace and social justice than any other man in Indonesia’s history. It is a cruel irony that this beautiful caring man should now be the victim of a miscarriage of justice, the scale of which is presently unparalleled by any other judicial body in the democratic world.

When the rule of law is undermined, and when the integrity of those responsible for upholding the rule of law is compromised, it is the responsibility of all free people to stand up if our most sacred freedoms are to be preserved.

A fair and public hearing, by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of a criminal charge, is a fundamental right of every human being on this planet. In the present case it is clear that no man of good will would consider the Supreme Court ruling against Anand Krishna to be either fair, public, independent or impartial.

This case is no longer about Anand Krishna, it is about all of us; it is about truth and justice; it is about freedom. His cause is our cause.

Humanitad is committed to shedding the light of truth upon this remarkable situation and shall use its best endeavours to mobilise all levels of international government to take action against this travesty of justice.


Statement Made on Behalf of  The Secretariat of The Natural World Organization (

The following statement is made on behalf of the Secretariat of the Natural World Organisation:

Upon reviewing the evidence presented to this Organization, it is the opinion of the Secretariat that the recent ruling of the Supreme Court of Indonesia against Anand Krishna undisputedly represents a fundamental failure in the administration of justice whilst clearly provoking a severe violation of human rights, resulting in a complete breakdown of the rule of law currently enjoyed in Indonesia.

It is for these reasons, in the interest of truth and justice, that we have this day convened an independent law commission, comprising esteemed members of the international law community, to undertake a thorough investigation into this matter. An open letter will be issued by the commission over the coming days and a detailed report of their findings will be published in the international arena.

True democracy demands an independent judicial system to be in place before any semblance of law and order can take place; a true and fair legal system is demanded by the people – they need to see that they are protected by an unbiased and ethically based judiciary system.

Haven’t the people of Indonesia suffered enough in their short history as a young country – isn’t it time to move forward. Isn’t it time that the judicial participants sorted out their priorities and started acting as the stalwarts of a fair and honest judicial system that this country so needs and deserves.

Another example, the recent Pfiser case, which clearly saw justice carried out in the District Court resulting unequivocally in protecting the interests of the people of Indonesia, only to be overturned by the same Supreme Court that has just returned this outrageous decision against Anand Krishna – do the judges sitting in the Supreme Court really believe that their actions will not be noted and commented on by the international community.

Current concerns about investment in Indonesia cannot be helped when such travesty of justices are taking place.