Case Summary

A Lady Judge Albertina Ho declared Anand Krishna not guilty of sexual harassment charges on November 22nd, 2011. She replaced the previous presiding judge, who was Judge Hari Sasangka, because he frequently met one of the witnesses out of the court in private. Hundreds of pictures serve as the evidence of their illicit relationship. Countless… read more

Motive Behind The Criminalization Anand Krishna

Anand Krishna Ready to Die If Supreme Courts Jails Him

Metropolitan – Monday, September 24, 2012 | 14:44 pm INILAH.COM, Denpasar – the plan of the Supreme Court to jail Anand Krishna reaps a storm of strong rejections. The interfaith spiritual figure says he will resist and fight back. Anand even claims he is ready to die if the decision that Anand deems unfair is… read more

Illegal Attempt to Arrest Anand Krishna (February 14th, 2013)

Since the last few days attempts have been made to arrest the interfaith spiritual activist Anand Krishna: by force. To follow what is going on in Ubud, you can click this streaming video link. This attempt to arrest Anand Krishna violates Article 197 sub article 2 of the Criminal Code Procedure. The entire case is… read more

Human Right Violations (February 16th, 2013)

Anand Krishna is the LAST primary voice of pluralism in this the biggest muslim populated country in the world. Every rude trick has been thrown at destroying his movement, his reputation, his dignity and even his life. The following video shows what happened on February 16, 2013 at 9 am when prosecutor and some thugs… read more