Religious Pluralism, State and Society in Asia (Edited by Chiara Formichi)

In this book, Part III: Pluralism and Individual Identities, Chapter 12: Pluralist currents and counter-currents in the Indonesian Mass Media: The Case of Anand Krishna, Professor Julia D Howell PhD, a doctorate in Anthropology and is now Professor of the Sociology of Religion in the Centre for the Study of Contemporary Muslim Societies at Western Sydney… read more

Reconstruction of Judicial Consideration based on Legal Values and Social Justice

This book is an academic study of judical verdicts from the perspective of philosophy, theory and dogmatics of laws on judges’ verdicts reflecting to the increasingly massive phenomenon of injustice in Indonesia at the time. One of them was The Supreme Court’s Verdicts toward Anand Krishna, which according to the writer, was part of “misguided… read more

Human Rights National Commission: Recommendation on the Appeal against Anand Krishna

NATIONAL COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA Jl. Latuharhary No. 48 Menteng Jakarta Pusat 10310, Phone 6221-3825230, Fax 6221-3825227 Website: Jakarta, 9th November 2012 Number : 2.758A/K/PMT/XI/2012 Enclosure : Disposition : Immediately Subject : Recommendation on the Appeal against Anand Krishna Komnas HAM (National Commission on Human Rights) have received an appeal regarding… read more

Anand Krishna prepares case review against Supreme Court’s ruling

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Jakarta | Fri, August 03 2012, 4:54 PM Spiritual guru Anand Krishna, who was recently found guilty of sexual abuse charges by the Supreme Court, said Friday that he was ready to file a case review.Prashant Gangtani, Anand Krishna’s son and spokesman, said the Supreme Court had ignored the facts… read more

Humanitad statement in Voice of Bali for Justice and Human Right

Sacha Stone and an international supermodel – Greg Kheel – both from Humanitad giving their support for Anand Krishna. Anand Krishna – an interfaith activist and a prolific writer, has been victimized for his thoughts and writings. He was acquitted from a false charges of sexual harassment. The acquittal has been overturned by the Indonesian… read more

Statement from Secretary-General of Natural World Organization (NWO), Lewis Montague

Secretary-General of Natural World Organization (NWO), Lewis Montague, was shocked by the unfair legal treatment received by the spiritual figure Anand Krishna in the case which involves him.

Gross Violation Of Human Rights by The Judges of The Indonesian Supreme Court

GROSS VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS AND INCONSTITUTIONAL HANDLING OF MY CASE BY THE JUDGES OF THE INDONESIAN SUPREME COURT by Krishna Kumar Tolaram Gangtani (Popularly Known as Anand Krishna) These are only some highlights, wherein it can be seen clearly see how I have been subjected to Mental/Emotional and Physical Harassment as well as Torture;… read more

The Strange Case of Anand Krishna

The Strange Case of Anand Krishna Indonesian Supreme Court Throws Out Innocent Verdict for Spiritualist Anand Krishna, Sentencing Him to 2.5 Years of Prison (8/5/2012) On November 22, 2011, following a trial that lasted nearly two years – prolific author, spiritual guru and front-line proponent in creating a pluralistic Indonesian society – Anand Krishna was… read more

Support from Humanitad and Natural World Organization (NWO) in Anand Krishna’s case

Statement Made by Sacha Stone Founder: Humanitad Director General: Natural World Organization Executive Producer: The Millenium Development Goals Awards, which Launched at the UN General Assembly Hall I make the following statement on behalf of Humanitad Foundation, who in turn represents the international community and all free peoples of the Earth. Our dearest brother Anand… read more

Support from Swami Vigyananand Joint Secretary Vishva Hindu Parishad (International Coordination)

Letter of Support from Swami Vigyananand Joint Secretary Vishva Hindu Parishad (International Coordination) to The President of Republic Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, regarding the human right violation in Anand Krishna’s case