Illegal Attempt to Arrest Anand Krishna (February 14th, 2013)

Since the last few days attempts have been made to arrest the interfaith spiritual activist Anand Krishna: by force. To follow what is going on in Ubud, you can click this streaming video link.

This attempt to arrest Anand Krishna violates Article 197 sub article 2 of the Criminal Code Procedure. The entire case is also full of legal anomalies and there are indications that Anand Krishna’s rights have been deliberately violated.

Yesterday February 13th, 2013 the police had tried to arrest Anand Krishna but failed as the local community refused to collaborate with them.

Today February 14th, 2013 a group of suspicious men have tried to arrest Anand Krishna at his residence in Ubud, Bali, during a symposium with the theme: Realizing Global Peace and Interfaith Harmony through Women’s Love. Several important people were present at the symposium, among them were: Sepcial Staff of RI’s Ministry of Women Empowerment Dr. Pinky Saptandari M.A., Mrs. Ayu Pastika, Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Hemas (DPD-RI), Prof Dr dr LK Suryani SpK, Pangesti Bernardus (Chief Editor of  Women’s Health Indonesia), Ida Ayu Utami Pidada, Maya Safira Muchtar (Initiator of IWAG-Peace), Nadlroh Sariroh (Women Activist), Dr. Sita Thammal Van Bemmelen (BIWA), A.A.A.Ngurah Tini Rusmini Gorda,SH,MM,MH (BKOW-Bali), and an international speaker Ma Anand Bhagawati (from Osho International).

Yudha Rene reported today there were 2 men, who dressed casually (not in military uniform as they should be if they really followed the rules), who were trying to arrest Anand Krishna came without a legal arrest warrant; they didn’t have their ID cards with them. This procedure clearly does not fulfill the established legal rules. Yudha Rene also added, one of the two men claimed that he was “the Attorney number 7” when the local Ubud people asked him to identify himself.  The men threatened that they were going to call up more people to help them. To follow the latest news about this illegal attempt to arrest Anand Krishna, please follow Yudha Rene on Twitter (@yudharene)

Anand Krishna himself said that he would report this to the police as an attempt to kidnap him.

The former minister of research and science during Gus Dur’s era tweeted: “The attempt to arrest Anand Krishna by force is an abuse and arrogance of power because it’s carried out without proper procedure as regulated by laws.”

Please send us your prayers and spread this news to your contacts that we can win against this injustice. To follow up more closely what happens, please contact: Prashant Gangtani at +628159977979