Case Summary

A Lady Judge Albertina Ho declared Anand Krishna not guilty of sexual harassment charges on November 22nd, 2011. She replaced the previous presiding judge, who was Judge Hari Sasangka, because he frequently met one of the witnesses out of the court in private. Hundreds of pictures serve as the evidence of their illicit relationship.

Countless irregularities were encountered during the legal proceedings; please see our Page of Facts. Almost 90% of trial discussed the ideas of Anand Krishna, only 10% discussed the charges. It is very obvious that some obscure individuals are trying to silence Anand Krishna’s vision. And common people can also conclude that this case is PURELY FABRICATED. Please take a look at Anand Krishna’s page to find out the motive behind this case. We receive keep receiving supports nationally and internationally as well.

Nevertheless, on August 3rd, 2012, suddenly the acquittal was appealed by the Prosecutor Martha Berliana Tobing and was granted by the Supreme Court’s Panel of Judges, which is chaired by Zaharuddin Utama with two other members namely Achmad Yamanie and Sofyan Sitompul. The Law in Indonesia has been truly abused and manipulated by those unscrupulous legal officials. And Mr. Anand Krishna has decided not to accept it because it’s unmistakably A LEGAL ERROR.

Below is the statement of Mr. Anand Krishna regarding the legally erroneous decision of the Supreme Court :

My dear, dear friends, A brief note to inform you that on the 20th September, the supreme court here posted the entire text of their verdict – this was one day after the accuser’s lawyer made a press release urging them to immediately arrest ak. So, just funny that a lawyer can actually dictate the supreme court judges.Anyway, their upload was not notices until yesterday, 21st evening, around 6.30 – so two online news immediately took up the story. Earlier in the morning, we had the opening ceremony of our ashram in Ubud, which was attended by the King of Ubud, the Regent, Deputy of the Bali Governor, an official from the Ministry of Tourism, the Chief Priests of Bali, the Chairman of the Indonesian Hindu Council, a prominent Muslim woman activist and other dignitaries.

If we see the modus operandi – they really wanted to cancel the prog yesterday, which did not happen.

So, after this ruling on the web, anytime now the prosecutor’s office can serve the arrest warrant.

My stand is clear, i shall fight to the last drop of my blood. All our friends, sympathizers – including those who initially opposed it – are now seeing the rationale of my decision. I shall not succumb to this unlawful and unconstitutional arrest. They can only drag my dead body out, not me. They shall drown in that blood.

“They” simply want us to stop all our activities.

The supreme court’s unlawful and unconstitutional overturn of the acquittal can now be clearly seen as a barbaric act, which defies all human decency.

I seek your blessings – anand krishna