The Facts

Many people would ask why a Spiritual Leader like Mr Anand Krishna could get entangled in such a defamation case. FYI, sexual harassment case is a very powerful tool to defame someone. Yet, many who do not know him will think that these are just words of defend, that he is what he has been accused.

Wait until you hear the following story from Mr Anand Krishna’s lawyers who always followed the trials from start to finish. This story is based on voice recordings during trials and can be made publicly available should the need arise.



Tara (the accuser) admitted that she was sexually abused on 21 March 2009 in Ciawi, whereas on that day Mr Anand Krishna was conducting an Open House in SUNTER with many participants.


Only 10% of the trials discussed the sexual harassment case. The remaining was used to discredit the activities of Anand Ashram Foundation on the appreciation of diversity and the books and seminars of Mr Krishna. However, mass media used the sexual harassment to make people hate Anand Krishna.



what_1THE AGENDA IS THE ASSET TAKEOVER of the Anand Ashram Foundation to stop all activities related to the appreciation of diversity and peace.

We know that the Anand Ashram Foundation is formally affiliated with the United Nations. This status can be used by many irresponsible people to conduct major fundraising.

However, although has been affiliated with the United Nations since 2006, Mr Anand Krishna never abused such faith for the benefit of his own or his group. All activities are conducted with the contributions of all friends who are concerned with Indonesia’s diversity.