Gross Violation Of Human Rights by The Judges of The Indonesian Supreme Court


by Krishna Kumar Tolaram Gangtani
(Popularly Known as Anand Krishna)

These are only some highlights, wherein it can be seen clearly see how I have been subjected to Mental/Emotional and Physical Harassment as well as Torture; and my Fundamental Human Rights Violated by the ill-practice of “Vexatious Litigation”

1.    February 2010: I was falsely accused of sexual harassment, however the case was not reported to the police first, but brought to the media, with a huge black campaign, by a group of Islamists Radicals who clearly did not agree with my Pluralistic Views, my Works (more than 150 books to date), and my various ongoing campaigns and projects to celebrate Unity in Diversity (,

2.    Still in February 2010: While the black campaign on the media continued, I was reported to the police, with the sole accuser a 19 years old girl. This was definitely not in line with what they reported to the media that the number of victims were as high as 19 or 42.

3.    April 2010: After several weeks of interrogation by the police, at one time, in spite of medical reports submitted on my diabetes, hypertension and other medical complications, I was held from morning until late evening, during which for the last 3 hours or so, I was not even allowed to go to the toilet. As the result I collapsed and rushed to the Police Hospital, where for the next 3 days I was put on heavy dosage of pain killers and some kind of sedatives.

Finally, when I was allowed to shift to another hospital, I was diagnosed with bigeminy, a heart condition, which has ever since continued, wherein under a little physical stress my heart beat can increase up to 3 folds, which can be fatal.

4.    August 2010: After months at the office of the Prosecutor, the dossier was finally submitted to the court.

5.    The closed sessions, which continued to April 2010 was but a joke. The witnesses were not being asked questions about the charges made, but about my books, my writings, and my works.

6.    The Judges, especially the presiding judge would ask me why were we using incense, why was I teaching meditation, why was I talking and writing about reincarnation etc, etc. I was being projected as someone who was trying to convert the Muslim participants through our meditation classes.

7.    Leave aside my witnesses as alibi, even the prosecutor’s own witnesses who did not agree with her and in fact spoke against the charges in the Police, were not called. They had to come on their own to give their testimony.

8.    In the meantime, I was coming to the court every week as per schedule whereas the prosecutor would come hours late, sometime with, and other times without her witnesses.

9.    Then, one day out of the blue, even before I gave my testimony and could produce my alibi, I was detained.

10.  As my response against this I went on Hunger Strike, which lasted for 49 days, out of which I was in the prison for first one week, and when brought to the court, I collapsed again due to the same heart condition. FOR HOURS I was left on the court grounds without any medical help, as they thought I was making it up. Finally when a doctor arrived and saw my condition, he literally forced the prosecutor and judges to let me be taken to the hospital.

11.  I was in a bad shape, later moved to the Police Hospital again, all the while I was on Hunger Strike, and then after about 10 days I was forcibly taken to the prison again by the prosecutor, where in less than 48 hours my condition deteriorated, and I was rushed to the hospital again. My blood sugar had dropped to 64, which could result in Comma, plus I had suffered a minor stroke, which has ever since affected my left leg.

12.  The Hunger Strike lasted for 49 days, in the meanwhile we came to know and had hundreds of photographs showing the chief judge having illicit affair with one of the witnesses who said she was sexually abused by me.

13. This was reported to the Supreme Court and brought to the media, as the result of which, out of embarrassment the entire panel of judges was changed. This time the new panel was presided by a woman judge of very high integrity and clean record, Christian Albertina Ho.

14.  She was fair, and recalled all the key witnesses, finally on November 22nd 2011 – after almost 20 months since the case was reported I was acquitted of all charges – CLEAN SHEET.

15.  As such our lawyers were very confident that even if the prosecutor would appeal, it would be UNLAWFUL and refused by the Supreme Court. And, so it is according to the Indonesian Law (Please refer to the attached Online Reportage by Jack Daniels, an American Journalist now living in Bali, which is very clear).

16.  But, that did not happen, on July 24th last (2012), the Supreme Court overturned the acquittal, which is a sheer violation of Human Rights, all decency of Human dignity, and definitely UNLAWFUL – a process that can take years, took only few months, and within a matter of days, the verdict is already passed to the district court, as such it can be executed anytime, and I can be UNLAWFULLY imprisoned for 2.5 years.